Planning a Catered Event 

Planning a catered event can be overwhelming at first. But at Ultimate Cuisine Catering, we’ll walk you through the entire process. We’ll break it down and present it clearly so you’re comfortable with your choices, and relaxed knowing that everything has been covered. Even if its a service we don’t provide ourselves (like a DJ or limo), we’ll make sure you have it taken care of. We start by considering the different parts of your catered event one by one.

First is event location Much of the plan will depend at least a little bit on the location. Ultimate Cuisine Catering only does off-premise catering, so we’re expert at providing food and service at any location, indoors or out, large rental or your own home. There doesn’t even need to be a kitchen. Since we do all initial food preparation at our government inspected facility, and only do final food preparation on-site, we can setup in whatever kitchen is available, or in a field kitchen that we set up, if necessary.

If you don’t yet have a location picked out, we can furnish you with a list of suggestions and will help you find the perfect location.

The next thing, of course, is the food The type of food being served will typically be determined by the time of day and the type of event. For example, daytime events might call for our Brunch Menu, Barbecue Menu, or maybe our Luncheon Menu.

For evening events, there are a few more options. For a cocktail reception, a combination of Displayed and Butler Passed Hors d’Oeuvre is often provided, although some clients choose just Displayed Hors d’Oeuvre or just Butler Passed Hors d’Oeuvre. In some cases it is necessary to provide more food than a typical cocktail reception, but a full dinner is still not appropriate. In these cases we often provide Appetizer Stations in addition to the Displayed Hors d’Oeuvre and the Butler Passed Hors d’Oeuvre, or we may just make sure that there is ample quantity and variety of the Butler Passed Hors d’Oeuvre and Displayed Hors d’Oeuvre to satisfy a healthy appetite. Dessert might also be served, either a Dessert Buffet or Butler Passed Miniature Desserts.

Full dinners can be provided as either a Complete Dinner Buffet or as a Served Sit-Down Dinner. Butler Passed Hors d’Oeuvre or maybe a Displayed Appetizer or two are often served before dinner, as well as a Dessert Buffet or a Served Dessert afterwards.

Another thing to consider is Beverage Service Some of our menus already include some type of beverage service in the pricing. For example, our Brunch Menus include juices, coffee and tea in the basic pricing, but you may want to add champagne, wine or vodka.

Our Barbecue Menus include soft drinks, lemonade and iced tea in the basic pricing, but some clients may want to add beer and wine.

Dinner menu prices include bottled drinking water, coffee and tea but many people add soft drinks, beer and wine, or a full liquor bar. More formal events such as weddings, anniversaries or milestone birthdays may call for a champagne toast or table served wine.

Staffing is also an important part of your catered event Ultimate Cuisine Catering’s staff sets up the event area, prepares and serves the food and beverages, maintains the event area during the event, and cleans up afterwards. They also load and unload the catering trucks. For most events, staffing will include servers, bartenders, and chefs plus occasionally kitchen helpers for large events. Exact staffing needs are determined by the type and size of the event. More information can be found on the staffing page.

And then there’s everything else! In addition to the “main” parts of your event, you’ll often need other items too–dining tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, dance floor…just to name a few. For some events there might be lots of “other” items, and for others there may be none at all. It just depends on the type of event and the venue details. Ultimate Cuisine Catering is able to supply these other items, which provides your with convenient one-stop service. For more information, see our Rentals page.