Staffing your event with only dedicated, experienced and well trained professionals is an important part of Ultimate Cuisine Catering great reputation and business success. Along with high quality food, it’s the most important part of a truly “catered” event. Making sure your guests’ every service need is addressed…making sure your event goes exactly as planned…requires a coordinated effort from the entire event team.

The primary responsibility of the event staff, of course, is to deliver a high level of service to you and your guests, and to make sure the event space is kept clean and neat. But the event staff has many others duties also, less visible but equally important. These include unloading food and equipment from the delivery vehicles upon arrival, setting up the event location, breaking down after the event, and reloading everything back into the delivery vehicles. All event staff…servers, chefs, bartenders, and kitchen helpers…share in these additional duties.

Because the event staff has these additional responsibilities before your guests arrive and after they leave, staff are charged for from the time they arrive until the time they leave. For most events, staff arrives 1-1/2 to 2 hours prior to guest arrival time, and finishes break down and clean up within 1/2 to 1 hour after the guests leave. Some events with significant setup may require more time. There may also be times when setup is minimal, and the staff only needs an hour or so for setup. We do not charge for the time it takes to load or unload delivery vehicles at our shop, or for the time it takes to travel to your event.

Servers, bartenders, and chefs are $28.00 each per hour with a 4 hour minimum.

In-House Kitchen Staff: There is another very important group of dedicated staff that you and your guests will never see…the culinary professionals who carry out the initial preparation of your food. It all begins when they receive the food deliveries, assuring that only the highest quality products get into our kitchen. They carefully prepare and package all of your event menu items, to exacting standards, so that they are ready for final preparation and presentation by the event chefs. All of our kitchen staff are certified by the State of Florida, a process that involves regular training and testing in health-related topics such as: safety in food preparation, cooking, and serving; proper purchasing, receiving, and food storage procedures; and proper cleaning and sanitizing practices.

Taxes and Insurance: Employees of Ultimate Cuisine are paid “on the books”. This means that Federal, Social Security, and Medicare taxes are deducted from employee paychecks as required by law, and Ultimate Cuisine contributes its matching share of Social Security and Medicare taxes. Additionally, employees are covered under the Company’s worker’s compensation insurance policy. If comparing Ultimate Cuisine to another catering company, one important thing to check is whether the employees of the other company are also legally employed and covered by proper insurance.

Staff Gratuity: We do not add a service charge to your total bill (18% – 20%, for example) the way many other companies do. It is important to consider this if comparing our prices to the prices of another company. Staff gratuity is entirely at your discretion. Our policy of not automatically adding a service charge to your bill does not concern our staff; they know that their level of service is such that you will be inclined to offer a gratuity, without being forced to do so. And be assured that any gratuity, regardless of whether it is paid separately to the staff or included in the final payment, goes 100% into the hands of the staff; Ultimate Cuisine does not take a “house cut”.